HellGate FPV BUZZER – manual

Package contents

  1. Buzzer unit
  2. 3x 10cm silicon wire (black, red, white)
  3. 2x spare heat shrink
  4. Sticker to show how awesome device you have, to protect your gear

Wiring diagram

The buzzer connects to your flight controller via 3 cables. Simply solder them to your flight controller accordingly to the labels.
5V to your buzzer+ pad or 5V BEC output
to your buzzer ground pad on FC

GND to ground on FC



!!! IMPORTANT !!! Do not swap GND and BUZ-
(you won’t break anything, it just won’t work as it should)

After wiring up your buzzer you don’t have to do anything else, except disarming the buzzer for transport or when you don’t want to fly the next battery in less than a minute.


  • After connecting the main battery, the buzzer is automatically activated and set to armed mode.
  • While the battery is connected it acts as a standard buzzer which can be controlled by your flight controller (so you can turn it on/off via transmitter to find your aircraft)
  • After you finish your pack and disconnect your main battery the buzzer will go to pre-alarm state for 60 seconds – indicated by a quiet “clicking” sound to indicate its state so you have enough time to either plug in another pack or disarm the buzzer
  • To disarm the buzzer simply connect and disconnect the main battery for a short period of time (1s – 4s) and you will hear the disarm confirmation tone after you unplug.
  • In case you have a beeping buzzer out of the quad, you can disarm it manually by connecting (i.e. with tweezers)  the 5V pad and the positive corner of the buzzer element itself (bottom left corner of the black square-ish part) for 1-4 seconds


Alarm style and duration

The beeping pattern of the buzzer varies with time

First minute 1min-2hours 2hours-6hours 6hours-72hours 72hours-2week (estimate)
Silent “clicking” Beeps every 2s Beeps every 5s Beeps every 10s Beeps every 30s


Note: The buzzer has a protective anti-cycle protection function which protects itself from being deactivated by dying battery, which can cause the 5V circuit to be on and off in a pattern that could cause the buzzer to disarm. After an anti-cycle protection was triggered, you must plug in the main battery for at least 10 seconds to deactivate the protection and then you will be able to disarm the buzzer manually

Battery note: The buzzer is shipped with battery charged to a storage voltage. The battery is charged while flying. It will gain its full charge after approximately 2 hours of flight or you can connect the FC to a USB (if it powers the 5V rail or Buzzer+ pad – depends on where you soldered the 5V connection)